Hello, and welcome to my site.

This is my attempt at making money. Under the Why? section, I explain why I have created this marvelous piece of internet space, and now I will attempt to explain to you why I need you to give me your money.

If you want the boring condensed version of this from which you won't get nearly as much meaning, go here.

There is probably no good reason why you should give me your money, (but if you know of one, please tell me). I have just graduated high school and I will be entering college in the fall. I have no job, and my only steady source of income is my rationing of graduation money, which will run out quickly. Because of this, I have decided that since I have no money of my own, I will ask the world for theirs. My reasoning is that the world has so much money that it wastes every day, that they might as well just give it to me instead of wasting it on the newest fad or something like that.

Well now comes the time when I tell how exactly to give me the money that you so desperately want to part with. At the bottom of this page, and every other page on this site, there is a button that reads "$5". This magical button will take you to a Paypal donations page where you can donate $5.00 to me. If you want to donate less, talk to me at rubikscubist@gmail.com and we'll talk. Anyways, once you donate, I'll thank you and ask you how you would like to be recognized on the Wall of Contributors. This is also known as the Contributors page. I'll also ask you if you want a gmail invite. I've got so many that I might as well give them away. You can be known by any name you wish on the contributors page, if you have a website I'll put a link to it up there, I'll even post your picture if you want me to. Just think, when this site becomes huge and famous (and I have no reason to think it won't) your name, website and picture will be on it. Just think of the advertising!

Just remember that I am in no way forcing you to donate, and if you do in fact donate, all you will receive is a spot an the contributors page, maybe a gmail invite, and of course, the satisfaction of doing the right thing.


P.S. - To all of you who use Internet Explorer instead of Firefox, I hate you a lot. Go get Firefox right now, if not for me then do it for yourselves