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Here is the developing blog of I'll talk about problems and updates here when I get around to updating it.
This does not make me emo.

12:15 AM 9/25/07 Back to top
I can't believe it, but my decision to switch over to php actually worked. I based everything I did off of the parts of the code I saw for the website, and I added one or two things of my own. I unfortunately had to get rid of my beautifully photoshopped header bar, as it was too hard to update it every time I got a new thing to put up there.

11:50 AM 7/17/06 Back to top
The eBay informational article is finished, I kinda got lazy at the end and just ended it, but there's some good stuff in it. I'm thinking of the next one being Google Video or maybe something about Gmail.

12:12 AM 7/16/06 Back to top
The site is back up and better than ever. I learned some things with, one being that I needed to stop using CSS to position stuff. Now everything is in a table. I also got rid of the iframes I was using for the ads, so now all of those content targeting ads are gonna have the right content to base their ads off of. This might make the pages load slower, but it's still the same amount of data so I don't think it will be that big of a deal. I also realized that if everyone had Firefox, web design would be a lot easier, so if you're still running Internet Explorer, you need to scroll down and click the Firefox ad. Firefox is better because it actually handles HTML the way it's supposed to. Anyway, a couple new pages are going up, like the Eefoof page, and since the header on the top is easy to change, I can add more pages if I need to. The screenshots page got moved to its own folder so that I don't have to deal with all of the Frontpage stuff when I'm writing stuff myself. As of right now I think the direction of the site is going to be Informative and whatever funny stuff I see online or put on Eefoof. I'm thinking I'm gonna start putting obscure informational articles up, like stuff that you can never find an answer for. Because some things are just impossible to find online. Maybe it'll attract some outside traffic here. Who knows, but things are gonna start picking up here, so click on ads.

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