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Here it is, the site that everyone wants to see, how to make money by hardly doing anything. These sites here will work for you, as long as you give them a chance and have some patience. You can't make a living off of only these sites, but you can make some extra money during your spare time. Once you've signed up for a site or two, visit the Tips page.

Most of these sites are sites which pay you to take surveys, but there are a couple which deal with paid emails. Read the description of each site before you sign up for it.

This is my favorite paid survey site. They send you emails for surveys you can take, as well as a section of their website which lets you look at surveys available. Not every survey is a paid survey, but they tell you what the reward is in the subject of the email, so I suggest setting up an email filter which only lets paid emails get to you. There is no spam associated with them, at least none that I know about.

InboxDollars  |Tips|
This site I think has a great potential for making a bunch of money. You're only allowed to take one survey a day, and it only pays $1.00 a survey, but there are many more things you can do with this site. They give you money back when you shop online at certain sites, and they give you money to sign up for offers that they show you. There is a section of the site that allows you to "gamble" with more popular games than just the classic casino card games. They also have a paid email system, which sends you an email with a link to click on, and once you click on the link, you are credited a few cents to your account.

This site pays you an average of $2.00 per survey, and has a "patented" referral program which earns you money when you sign up your friends and they start completing surveys. You have to fill out a bunch of profiles before you are selected to take any surveys.

Another site with surveys, it has a bunch of profiles that you get money for completing.

Greenfield Online
Just another survey site.

Lightspeed Panel
This site is a little different in that it rewards you with points which can later be redeemed for Paypal money. The lowest amount paid is $5.00 for 575 points, and the surveys are usually worth 150 points.

SendMoreInfo  |Tips|
This site is strictly a paid email site. They send you emails that have links in them for you to click. This site also gets you a ton of spam, but Gmail's spam filter can handle all of it.

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