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Can't you just smell that crisp PHP taste?
That's right, this site is rocking with the 00's with its use of P H P!!!!

I'm part of the NotRobot team now, as they were kind enough to invite me in. The first game we're working on is WaveCrash which just got released into the beta phase and it's going to be awesome!!

Kellen and Ashley Wedding pictures that my parents took: here.

Projects page for all my cool programs: Projects

Wiimote Remote Control program: Download
Desktop Background Switching program: Download

My calendar here.


I've compiled a list of sites that I use regularly to help make me money in my spare time, and I want everyone to know about them. You can check them out here at the Money site, or go to the Informative page.

Screenshots of things I've seen playing Counter Strike: Source
Videos that are worth watching

A few funny pictures that I've come across.

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